Dreamlords Digital

Dreamlords Digital is a direct-to-digital development company specializing in the creation of multi-platform games and gamified apps. It was founded in late 2010 and has its offices in Manila (Philippines) and Las Vegas (USA).

Since then, DLD has created and deployed multiple games for various clients. Now, DLD is dedicated more to working on its own IPs and to creating the most exciting games that people will enjoy and remember. We aim to deliver world class quality in our games in terms of graphics, controls, gameplay and performance.

What We Do

Dreamlords Digital is All About Creation!


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Dld team

Russell Tomas

Russell Tomas

CEO / Creative Director / Lead Designer

Russ aka Wyldekarde is our Head Honcho. As consummate creative tech pioneer with over 18+ award winning years in Game Publishing, Game Development, Advertising, Design and Creative Direction, he passionately leads the company in achieving its ultimate vision.

Terrisita Davies

Terry Davies

CFO / Executive VP

Terry is the mother hen of the company. She takes care of all of us and ensures were all stocked with what we need to get the job done. She helps run the company in terms of operations and investment opportunities.

Ferdinand Fernandez

Ferdinand Fernandez

Head Badass Engineer

Also known as Ferdinand of House Fernandez, Ruler of the First Kingdom, Grand War Overseer of the Invasion, Collector of Memes

None of the games would have materialized without Ferdinand. Previously the lead programmer for the MMOG Bangu-Bang Mania, Ferdinand s now the head programmer for all the games made by Dreamlords.

Jay Tomas

Jay Tomas

Managing Director, DLD Las Vegas

Jay manages the US office in Las Vegas and is the point person in the United States. He handles all requirements on that side of the world especially in coordinating with our international clients. He also doubles as one of the writers for our games.

Jaye Bautista

Jaye Bautista

Marketing Director

Jaye or Techiemommy has over 25+ years of experience in Marketing, PR and Corporate Communications. She has also managed to keep up with the times as a tech editor/writer for major broadsheets and radio.

Gwen Foster

Gwen Foster


Also known as "..."

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Kevyn Gohu

Writer / Back-up 2D Artist

Also known as Katherine Baskerville, The Grandmaster Illusionist

Kevyn works out the kinks, the details and, the plot of Dreamlords Digital’s games. She is a psychology graduate whose passion lay in gaming and writing.


Zharv Cortez

Assistant Project Manager

Zharve manages the interns when they decide to pursue their OJT in Dreamlords Digital. He’s the go-to person when people need to contact the boss. He also manages the careers e-mail should anyone want to apply for Dreamlords Digital.


Christian Dela Peña

Software Specialist

Also known as ProteanDev, the Code Mercenary.

As one of the team’s core programmers and senior support programmer to Ferdinand, Christian aids in building the other portions of the game and tools that makes company’s tech development process faster and easier. If he does his job well, you won’t even notice, because he’s a Ninja.


Ziffora Javier


Also known as zyforze

A programmer who specializes also in web design. She does the Front End in programming for most of Dreamlords’ other applications.


Godwin Nerona

3D Artist

As one of the 3D Artists, he does more sculpting and fixing the details when it comes to making a 3D model. He also does a bit of painting which could clearly be seen on all 3D assets that he has made for Dreamlords.

Micheal Tariga

Micheal Tariga

Concept Artist

Also known as Adeptus Astarte

Being a concept artist means having to make sure the characters fit the theme and match the quality of how the game comes out. He aids Jen in creating characters and also colouring them into life.


Carlo Operio


After completing his OJT in Dreamlords, he was asked to come back and become a Programmer for training.


Arvin Vinluan

3D Artist

After completing his OJT in Dreamlords, he was asked to come back and become a 3D Artist for training.



Office Cat

Also known as Kitty, Sungit (as nicknamed by Jen and Kevyn)

To lighten up the office, to bite any intruder and, to entertain guests, that is what Zorro does. Zorro is Dreamlord Digital’s office cat. Zorro has fun sitting on keyboards, sleeping on laptop bags or just lying on the floor and stretching.


We at Dreamlords Digital believe in the idea of working with others to bring the very best digital products to you. With that in mind, we have established strategic partnerships with technology providers, marketers, and organizations to ensure that everything we have are from the very best.